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ALWAYS follow directions given to you by IMMORTALS, -no exceptions-.

NO CHEATING. You will get caught (Trust me...)

NO whining. There are more constructive ways to get your point across.

Multiple character creations for the purpose of getting a character with psionics abilities are not allowed.

Harassment of ANYONE will _NOT_ be tolerated.

No using MUD bots or triggers to do your leveling for you. If you are are not sitting right at the computer, then your character should not be leveling.

Absolutely NO summoning mobs into newbie areas. If a newbie gets killed through your actions, expect to see EXTREMELY harsh punishment.

Exploitation of ANY bug is considered cheating. If you are caught you will be denied. Basically if something looks a little too good to be rue it probably is a bug and must be noted to the immortals.

You must read the helps on: PK_RULES, PSTEAL, CLAN_RULES, and ETHICS.


The IMPs reserve the right to change any and all of these Rules at will. Playing here is a -privilege-, not a -right-.

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Page last modified on November 10, 2017, at 03:56 PM